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I am a highly experienced Website Development with more than 7 years of experience in Core PHP, laravel PHP, CodeIgniter PHP

Php Development

It is one of the fundamental web technologies, with a majority of websites using this language. PHP includes several precise functions and outstanding features that allow businesses to create feature-rich web pages and database-driven sites.

Main features of PHP

Open Source Software – As the PHP source code is available freely on the web, you can create all the versions of PHP based on your requirement free of cost.
Performance – The PHP scripts can execute much faster than those scripts developed in other languages like ASP & JSP.
Platform Independent – As PHP is available for MAC, Linux, Windows, and UNIX, an application developed on one OS can be effortlessly run on other OS as well.
Embedded – You can embed PHP code within the HTML script and tags.

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I can help you or your business create a website from a design concept to a completed, polished and professional site. I can also help maintain and update existing websites