7 reasons why your landing page doesn’t converts

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Landing pages convert better if they are built with some marketing strategy in mind, some exciting offers or some freebies. To get more traffic you need to invest both time and money in every single landing page that you will launch.

Do you know why your landing page is not converting even after using paid ads? Why people leave your landing page without taking action? If this happens to your landing pages then it is clear that your landing pages have some serious issues that you didn’t pay attention to and it needs to be reviewed.

Sometimes it is very hard to detect and diagnose those big problems on your landing page, to help you I have listed some common mistakes that cause a landing page to fail.

Here are 7 reasons your best landing page doesn’t convert:

Ugly design:

The ugly design is one of the biggest causes that people may be bouncing back from your page without doing what they are intended to. If the layout is poor and outdated then people are most likely to hit the back icon and go to your competitor.

Your landing page design must convey your message and it must be eye-catching and must have the power to hold the visitor on the page. Your page must convince the user to do you want him to do.

Quick tip: Use visually striking colors that appeal to your customers and use high-quality graphics.

Loading speed:


A blank screen after clicking on a beautiful ad, that shows just a rotating loading icon.

This really sucks if it takes more than 3 seconds and by the time it loads, your visitor has gone away and your money is wasted. Yes, this is true that the pages/ websites that take long to load have pathetic results. People live fast lives and they do not have extra time to wait for your landing page to load. Make sure your website is completely optimized.

Quick tip: avoid wasting your money on the ads for a slow loading landing page, Make sure your landing page loads completely under 2 seconds.

Landing pages not mobile responsive:

This is the biggest flaw of your landing page. Nowadays people use their phones for everything, they are never gonna turn on their computer to visit your page. If your page doesn’t look good in mobile you may lose 80% of your leads.

Landing page irrelevant to the ad

This is a common mistake done by inexperienced people who don’t understand paid advertising. I have become a victim of this situation as a customer many times, but within microseconds, I hit back and go to another service provider.

Getting traffic to your page is very important, but getting that traffic converted is more important else your ad spend is wasted. To avoid wasting ad spend make sure what you offer on your landing page is exactly what you offer on the paid ad.

Too long and too many forms:

Forms are useful for capturing leads and is a must-have for your landing page but on the other hand, using long and too many forms will distract your customer. Have only one solid and small form on your page to capture leads. 

If required you can have two forms in different sections of your page, if you have a long scrolling page.

Do not try to overdo:

Focus on one thing at a time, do not offer too much. Your landing page should have only one goal. Adding too many things on the same page will probably confuse the visitor and he will leave your page and go to another service provider.

Annoying pop-ups one after the other:

Pop-ups are a very important tool for any landing page. Every landing page/ website you visit today will have a pop-up with an opt-in form asking to sign up for their newsletter, blog, or offers. It is important not to have too many pop-ups so as to frustrate people and distract them from your main goal.

Unclear irrelevant Content:

Irrelevant content will not entice the visitor to stay. Use clear and concise content, with a compelling headline to attract customers and convey your message to them and most importantly only relevant content will help conversion. Make proper use of headings and subheadings.

The content must be structured to outline the headings and the main benefits.

Having an autoplay video on the page:

This is something hard to debate on but in my personal opinion. the being bombarded by an auto-played video puts me off and make me go back to search results.

The reason behind this is When I am working in my office, or traveling or sitting at a quiet place; I find it embarrassing if some booming voice comes from my laptop.

I would like to have control over what I wish to see or read or listen. I must have the choice if I want to play the video or not.

People like to have control over what content they wish to see or read which is why you should give them the choice of whether they want to watch your video rather than forcing it on them.

Having said that, this isn’t ALWAYS the case.

Split test it and see if it lifts conversions because ultimately, that’s the right answer.

If you visit some of ClickBank’s highest converting offers, most of them have VSLs which autoplay.

So this one could go either way.

PS: Best practice is to make one change at a time and do a split test so that you can find the loophole and understand what converts better for you.

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