How to use Facebook to improve your SEO?

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In this fast-paced-technology-driven world, your business success highly depends on SEO, and the best use of SEO will increase your visibility to the potential buyers. While you plan for the best marketing strategy for your business, you need to look at various social media facts on high priority.

Assume, You are at a new place with an empty stomach and you need to go to a restaurant then how will you find the best one? Obviously, you are gonna search for the best restaurant online and use their services. This is exactly what your customers do when they are looking for the services you provide. If they find you in the top search results they will come to you else your competitor has already beaten you.

When people search for your service on Google, the top results might be your website, Google + YouTube pages. But if you observe, then you can see many facebook pages in those search results. Most of the people still do not realize the power of Facebook SEO, they don’t think Facebook is as powerful as their website. Now is the time to take Facebook page oriented SEO seriously, Google also indexes social media networks. Read on below points to understand the importance of Facebook-oriented SEO and the guidelines to improve your rankings via Facebook.

Why is Facebook Marketing important for SEO?

Google Indexing:
Whenever we do an online search on Google, we find some social media pages along with the websites of the service provider in the top results. The Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram or any other pages are included in the list as per their SERP. The reason behind those search results is the Google indexing.
Google crawlers read the specific keywords that you write in your business page profile, URL, the page about section etc.

Quick tip: Do add the Impressum, About and services information in the about section of your Facebook business page.

More Shares > Higher Rankings:
Yes, This is a proven methodology by the recent practice during last few years, that the social media activities and search engine rankings are interrelated. If your content is valuable to your customers, more and more users will be attracted towards it and share it with their friends, colleagues, and family. This practice will be observed by Google, When google finds the post being linked and shared frequently, it will rank your content higher.

Quick Tip: Create Valuable, relevant and interesting content that visitors will love to share with others.

It is clearly visible that the social media is becoming the new SEO, This is an undeniable part of our day to day life. All social media platforms play a major role in SEO, they are now the SEO tools for increasing business visibility on the internet. Explore and find out the best SEO principles and tactics that can be applied in Facebook strategy for an improved position among search results.

Facebook is easy to use platform with a lot of awesome features. Below are some tips for better optimization of your business page on facebook:

Custom URL:
Facebook allows you to choose your URL, It can be as long as you want but it will be great to choose a small, easy to spell keyword related profile name. It must be relevant to your brand, service and don’t forget to select the memorable one.

About Us:
The About us section allows you to add an introduction to your business wherein you can mention your services using the best keywords. This field must be filled completely. Be aware of overloading the section with irrelevant and repeated phrases.

Address Details:
This field is a great benefit for the one who runs a local business, Mention the correct physical address. The entered address will be covered by both the Google search results and Facebook graph search results.

Quality Content:
The content holds massive potential to earn better SERP. The quality of the content enables you to attract a large number of audiences and encourages them to re-share. Keep the focus on the content to be the end reader, not the SEO.

Business Page Category:
Make sure you have categorized your business page correctly and the business description describes your main services and products.

If you follow above Facebook SEO techniques, it will definitely help you grow your business by the increased business reach.

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